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        Upon the supplier approving this application that Applicant agrees:

        1. The purchaser shall pay for all goods at 30 days following month of Invoice. In case of payment default Bryfo may charge interest for the period during which the amount remains unpaid.
        2. Bryfo shall be at liberty to withdraw account facilities offered to the applicants at any time without prejudice to any other right Bryfo may have and without being liable for the consequences.
        3. That the purchaser shall be liable for all costs, charges, commission fees and disbursements incurred by Bryfo in recovery of any unpaid account.
        4. The purchaser is to notify Bryfo in writing, no later that 14days prior to any change of ownership, of the intended change. Failure to do so could result in the applicant purchaser being responsible for future debts.
        5. Title to goods supplied shall not pass to the purchaser until payment in full is received by Bryfo for the goods as well as any other payments due in respect to any other goods or services supplied to the purchaser by Bryfo. However, risk in the goods shall pass to the purchaser upon delivery to the purchaser or the purchaser’s servant or agent.
        6. That all information and details hereby provided are true and complete in every detail.